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I'm back!

2009-07-04 07:34:34 by Neruzal

Hey I'm back with a new, fresh look to my userpage! Enjoy! I'm currently working on a big project, a flash game, more information about it coming soon :D

A Game!!

2008-04-29 12:33:18 by Neruzal

No Wuzzle 3 but....

...together with my buddy Thrice I made my first Flash Game!

It's called Trojan vs. Merschox, I hope you like it ;D

Blood Shadows

2008-02-16 10:06:04 by Neruzal

It's finished!
My new movie Blood Shadows reached a great score above 3 !
If you haven't watched it yet, do it now :D

I will now start with Wuzzle Episode 3.

Blood Shadows

Hello everybody...!

2008-02-05 07:41:27 by Neruzal

Hey how are you doing out there xD?
Welcome to my Page, nothing really interesting here to see though.

If you like to chat with me here's my ICQ number: 239508885
(I'm from Germany)
Maybe we can play Call of Duty 4 together?

Hello everybody...!